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Blank Valentine's Journal

1st February, 2007. 6:38 pm. Asche's Political Update

I'm tired of Iraq. Goddamn.

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In other news:

I own a Wii.
I don't own a PS3.

That is all.

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27th November, 2006. 5:16 pm.

Sweet Jesus.
It fucking snowed.

Current mood: excited.

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11th November, 2006. 9:23 am. Sickling

So, it seriously feels like someone jammed handfulls of Q-tips into my ears, duct taped my nose shut, lodged steel wool in my throat and filled my stomach with radioactive acid.

Current mood: really fucking sick.

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28th October, 2006. 8:23 pm. Hey, You..

I'm out.

See you next week.


Current mood: anxious.

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25th October, 2006. 11:28 am. S'prize!!

Well, after getting home kind of late last night from going to visit Outdoor School, I decided it would be a grand idea to smoke a bowl. The only problem was that I couldn't seem to find a lighter in my bedroom, so I began to search the house just in case I'd dropped or left it someplace.

The first place to look when you've lost something like that in my house is the misc drawer we keep in the kitchen.

What caught my attention when I opened the drawer was not a lighter, but a film container and I went to open it, thinking about my contact lens case (yes, I use a film container) and how I'd lost the thing earlier that day. What I found was far from lens fluid.

The smell hit me first and then the shock that I'd found some of the highest grade weed I'd ever seen in my life. Upon closer inspection of the drawer, I saw a small, bronze pipe and a black lighter tucked back where the film container had been.

Then, after some awed laughs, I went up to bed and smoked my own bowl with my dad's lighter.

I can't wait to move out.

Current mood: amused.

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18th October, 2006. 4:13 pm. Dialogue

Boss: "Hey, I was wondering if you.. hey, what is she doing down there?!"
Worker: "Oh, she's shining my shoes."
Boss: "Then what's that in her mouth?!"
Worker: "That's irrelevent."


Current mood: amused.

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4th September, 2006. 6:27 pm. After Many Years of Danger..

Steve Irwin is dead.

Yep, the Croc Hunter went on his last expedition to the Great Barrier Reef and was killed by a stingray, which punctured his heart with it's barb.

Full Story

We'll miss you, you fucking crazy bastard.

Current mood: mellow..

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26th August, 2006. 12:03 am.

"Don't call them Broads. Bitches HATE that!"

Current mood: giggly.

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22nd August, 2006. 10:05 pm.


~ J. Nairn

Current mood: good.

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24th July, 2006. 8:04 pm.

Worst Video Ever

It's funny.. or maybe I'm stoned..

On top of that, go see Clerks II. It's worth more than the $8.

Current mood: laughing..

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